Asian Federation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Societies (APRAS) is committed to respect the importance of member personal information to protect them in an appropriate manner for their retention and management according to our Privacy Policy as follows.
(Collection of personal information)

APRAS may collect personal information to the extent necessary for execution of business purposes in accordance with our articles. Meanwhile, personal agreements by suppliers are required with our specified purpose of collection and usage for collection of personal information as a general rule.
(Use and providing of personal information)

APRAS uses acquired personal information within the range of our business purposes.
The collected personal information may not be disclosed and provided to a third party without personal consent unless otherwise exceptional circumstances. In this regard, in case of 1) Based on condition of laws, 2) With the supplier's approval, 3) Out delegation on all or part of personal information handling to the extent necessary for execution of the business purpose, we can disclose and provide apply personal information.
(Management of personal information)

APRAS is committed to manage the personal information we collect with felicity in order to prevent unauthorized access, property loss, loss such as being lodged, destruction, manipulation and leaking or other factors. In the event those situations occur, we will take measures immediately to avoid their recurrences even as retrieving personal information.

Moreover, when entrusting an authorized third contractor for operation within the limit of use purpose based on personal information, we are committed to manage and supervise them so that adequate administration may be performed. However, personal information released by suppliers themselves or already released to public is exempt from our privacy management.
(Disclosure, amendment, and other personal information)

APRAS is committed to disclose without delay as a principle on suppliers' request to disclose their own personal information. We also accept promptly such as amendment or disuse of their own personal information.
(Change to our Privacy Policy)

APRAS may change privacy policy for modification of statutes or other reasons. If we change our privacy policy, we will post the revised statement on our website.
(Additional Clause)

This privacy policy will go into effect on the day approved at the executive board of directors.
Contacting us:

If there are any inquiries regarding this personal information protection of the Chemical Society of Japan, please contact us.